1. When do the goods get delivered?

Your products will be delivered upto 24 – 48 hours from the time of placing the order.

2. Is there a minimum order value for delivery?

The minimum order value for delivery is Rs.1000

3. What is the delivery process?

Once order is placed online, after confirmation and receipt of payment a dedicated team of trained staff and then sent for delivery at your doorstep. You shall receive it within 48 hours from the time of placing the order.

4. How are the products packaged?

The perishable products are packed in boxes and are temperature controlled using dry ice inside, hence ensuring the products stay fresh till they reach you.

5. What happens when I am not at home when my delivery arrives?

We will inform you once the order is ready for delivery, hence making sure the products can be successfully delivered.

6. Can I cancel my order?

No return or cancellation is possible once the order is handed out for delivery.

7. What if the product packaging is not up to the mark?

We would request you to check the products while accepting the products during delivery. In case you are not satisfied with the quality of the products, please return those products to our Delivery Expert. He shall deliver the message to us, and you can request for a re-order.
If you would like a refund, in case of Postpaid order, you will be required to pay the adjusted amount only for the products accepted by you. In case of Prepaid orders, request for refund will be initiated and cash will be credited into your account.

8. How can I pay for the products?

We accept a wide range of payment options for your convenience:
Cash of Delivery (COD)
Credit Cards
Debit Cards
Net Banking

9. Are there any hidden charges?

The price shown on the website of the product is what you shall be paying for the product, plus GST.

10. Do we deliver outstation?

Do we deliver outstation? No we do not deliver outstation via the website but you can get in touch with us for further inquiries.

11. Do I get an invoice for my order?

You will receive an Invoice on delivery of the products.

12. Where do we source our products from?

We source our products from meat producers from the country of origin of the specific product. We only accept the best and highest quality of meat, which is packaged professionally and is temperature controlled.
100% natural and Halal meat.

13. What if I have specific requests?

You can contact us through our website or WhatsApp 9821123857

14. How do I handle/store/cook the product?

If you don’t want to eat your order right away, you can freeze it. We don’t recommend freezing our fresh products but if you do make sure the vacuum pack is still closed before you’re putting it in the freezer.
You can always look for recipes online for the specific product, and whichever products can be eaten as is, it shall be specified.

15. How will I know the specifications of the product?

All products will have an expiry date sticker. You will find the stock information, ingredients and other specifications on the product label

16. Can we customise our own party platters?

Yes you may, please get in touch with us for your specific request.

17. What is the lead time to order the Customised Party Platter?

We will require a party platter’s request at least 48 hours before the date of delivery

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